Best Mobile Apps In Germany

Best Mobile Apps In Germany

Whenever we talk about traveling and moving to a different country, we know that it has become much easier with the usage of smartphones. These smartphones are playing the role of life savior in foreign countries. With the help of smartphones in our hands, we can do anything from ordering food online to learning any foreign language.

So here we are talking about traveling, moving, and living in Germany. It is one of the most famous countries for tourism and settling there. Here in this article, we are introducing a list of some best mobile apps in Germany that will make your time in the country easier. These apps will be beneficial for doing everyday things to lead a life in Germany.

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The Most Useful Mobile Applications In Germany

Germany has a few excellent mobile applications necessary for people living and visiting for a wide variety of purposes. Your purpose of being in Germany could be anything but these most useful apps will help you a lot in the country and save time.

Let’s look at the list of must-have mobile apps in Germany for everyone.

DB Navigator

DB Navigator is one of the best apps for local travel in Germany. The DB app is brilliant, allowing you to turn your mobile phone into a travel card. This will benefit you to travel around without having to stand in line to buy a ticket. This application is excellent for regional public transportation and long-distance travel. You can use this app to travel by tram, metro, train, and bus. The app will also show you the travel updates for unexpected delays and planned works and map your trip. Apart from this, you can utilize Google Maps for transportation in Germany.


You must hear about the Wise application. It is a great way to send, receive, spend and convert money internationally. The wise app is ideal for anyone because it offers low-cost and faster money transfers to over eighty countries. Along with this app, you also get a debit card. The card can be used worldwide, while your account can hold around fifty currencies and convert between them instantly. This is useful for the expats and new residents who manage finances in their home country and a new home in Germany.

Spotted By Locals

Germany has a beautiful tourist attraction. Sometimes it is nice to get off the beaten track. The Spotted By Locals app is the perfect way to help you to find your location. In this app, the locals write about their favorite places and provide insider tips on the country. The app’s specialty is that it works like your personal city tour guide, which helps you find the quirkiest bars, cutest cafes, and spots. You can discover new restaurants with great ambiance, coffee shops, bakeries, and much more to roam around in Germany.

ARD Mediathek

ARD Mediathek is a great way to broaden your German horizons. It has the streaming platform for the entire ARD, the German public broadcasting and media network. You can watch series, movies, news, documentaries, live streams, and much more from your mobile phone and tablet. It’s an excellent option to explore German culture and language like never before. The application provides information, education, culture, fun programmers, entertaining content, and hidden gems in national and regional dialects. The mobile app is fantastic if you are learning the German language.

Uber Eats

You can order all your favorite food online with your smartphone. Uber Eats has everything listed, whether it’s a chain restaurant or the best local café. You can use the app to have your food delivered to your apartment at your convenience. Uber eats also offers vouchers and daily deals for online food ordering. You can explore local German cuisine and international dishes from your location with comfort. Other good food delivery apps in Germany are also available, including Wolt and


This application helps find a place to live when expats and new residents move to Germany. The application ImmoScount24 is perfect for finding your new house or apartment anywhere in the country. You can also communicate with the vendors directly and securely. The app also shows the track of your communication history. It also has a reminder list feature integrated via google street view and a direct display of search matches on a map. There is another excellent alternative to finding an apartment is Housing Anywhere.

DeepL Translate

In case you are stuck with German grammar, DeepL Translate is a great application to help with that. It provides fast, accurate, and high-quality translations in twenty-six languages, including German. You can easily translate speech to text by using the microphone and listening to the translated text. The application primarily focuses on the correct grammar within the translation. That’s how it is advantageous for a language like German. The translation is more nuanced, keeping as much of the intent and meaning from the original text as possible.


This unique application is an excellent way of checking the weather in Germany. There is a twist in understanding the mobile app. The CarrotWeather application comes with five different settings that deliver accurate weather predictions. The application offers more than just the weather. You can also explore the secret locations and news-style weather report videos. Moreover, this is the only weather application that tells you a funny new joke daily. It will make you smile even on rainy days.

In a Nutshell

Visiting or moving to a new country like Germany is quite exciting. Earlier it was pretty challenging to manage when there was no existence of smartphones. We used to depend on the people nearby or friends and family. Now we have our forever friend with us as a smartphone. It is helpful to ease your life, and you can explore any information. Being a tourist, expat, or new resident in Germany, these mobile apps will do wonders to fulfill simple and significant necessities. You can easily install the useful apps as per your usage and start using them to enjoy your new beginning in Germany.

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