Getting A SIM Card In Germany – Part 2

Getting A SIM Card In Germany-II

Once you arrive in Germany, the most essential task is getting an internet connection and a SIM on your mobile phone. You can refer to our previous guide Getting A SIM Card In Germany – Part 1 for the basic information related to network connections. A local SIM card can perfectly do this job. You must be aware that mobile internet is expensive in Germany. All major mobile networks have their own SIM card plans, deals, and bargain bundles. You must be confused about which one is the best for you.

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Mobile Network Providers In Germany

Here are the best German SIM card providers in speed, flexibility, price, amount of data, and more. This information is as of June 22 and may change in the future so check the provider website for the latest plan and tariffs.

  O2 Prepaid S Aldi Talk Lebara WinSim Blau Allnet Smart
Monthly Price EUR 9,99 7,99 9,99 8,99 7,99
Data 3,5 GB 3 GB 3 GB 9 GB 3 GB
Network Provider O2 O2 Telekom O2 O2
Download/Upload Speed Mbit/s 50/225 25/10 18/2,5 50/32 12/25

Let’s discuss the mobile network providers one by one and compare their services.

  • Prepaid From O2

Provider O2 is one of the largest mobile network providers in Germany. They have the one of best rates on a mobile network in the country. You can choose between the various range of SIM card deals. Their small Prepaid package costs 9,99 EUR monthly with 3,5 GB of data. Prepaid medium package costs 14,99 EUR with 6,5 GB data. Prepaid large package costs 19,99 EUR with 12,5 GB data. All of the deals provide the services of unlimited calls and SMS. The prepaid O2 SIM cards are excellent in the cities.

Highlights of prepaid O2 SIM cards:

– You can get no and short-term contracts for 4 weeks.

– Internet LTE 4G + EU roaming.

– 25 EUR Bonus.

– Free SIM card and shipping.

  • ALDI Talk

ALDI Talk provides affordable prepaid SIM cards based on the O2 mobile network. Their small package offers 3 GB of data for 7,99 EUR. The medium package provides 6 GB data for 12,99 EUR, and the large box offers 12 GB data for a 17,99 EUR monthly cost. ALDI Talk SIM cards can be purchased in all ALDI supermarkets, and you can see them everywhere in Germany. If you choose the free ALDI SIM card, there is no monthly fee, and calls and SMS will cost you 0,11 EUR per min/SMS.

Highlights of ALDI Talk SIM cards:

– Prepaid SIM card.

– 10 EUR starting credit.

– Unlimited calls and SMS.

– No contract.

– 10 EUR basic fee.

– No minimum turnover.

You can get an English website and customer service with a Lebara telecommunication provider. It uses the more expensive and higher-quality Telekom network. There is not any requirement to sign the contract with this provider. Once you order the Lebara Sim card online, it will be delivered to your address within 48 hours.

Lebara starter SIM card is for 9,99 EUR monthly, giving 3 GB of 5G data.

Its upgraded version is for 14,99 EUR monthly, and you will get 250 minutes of calling 50 countries and 10 GB of data.

Lebara also has an expensive deal for 29,99 EUR monthly, offering unlimited calls, 1000 free minutes to 50 countries, and 15 GB of data.

  • WinSim

WinSim is offering cost-effective SIM cards in Germany for everyone. WinSim depends on O2 as a network provider. All SIM cards offer EU roaming, and you can access the internet for free whenever you travel. You can get the SIM card on the contract period of 24 months. However, there is also an option available to get the SIM card at the same price without signing any contract.

WinSim has the following deals.

– 4,99 EUR – 2 GB

– 8,99 EUR – 9 GB

– 11,11 EUR – 15 GB

– 19,99 EUR – 20 GB

  • Blau Allnet Smart

Telecommunication company O2 is also hosting Blau Allnet Smart prepaid SIM cards in Germany. This option is beneficial for the students in Germany. Students can get 3 GB of internet for 7,99 EUR. If you are comfortable with the contract, Blau can give you 3 GB of internet, unlimited calls, and SMS for 6,99 EUR, the lower price. Blau Allnet medium plan will provide 6 GB of data, unlimited calls, SMS, and EU roaming for an 8,99 EUR monthly charge. You will get the same services for the upper plan for 9,99 EUR and 10 GB of data. One more plan of 14,99 EUR monthly can provide you 15 GB of data. It is one of the great deals. All these deals are available on 24 monthly contracts.

If someone is not in favor of signing a contract, then Blau Allnet is providing the following prepaid options.

– Free SIM and pay as you go

– 3 GB for 7,99 EUR

– 6 GB for 12,99 EUR

In a Nutshell

We have covered the primary SIM card providers in Germany. You can see the packages offered by them. Every package is designed as per the cost and provides services. By following this information, it will be easy for you to choose the best one. Most packages depend on your requirement and usage. If you are staying for a short term in Germany, then prepaid SIM cards are the best suitable option. For the people planning an extended stay in Germany, the mobile plan contract can provide you the best offers at lower prices. In case you need additional services such as home phone connection, internet, and TV packages. You can avail of the combined services with any of one network provider. You’ll definitely get the discounted package by including home services as well.

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