How to find a doctor in Germany?

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In case you fall sick, you might have further questions like how to find a doctor in Germany. Well, in this article we will help you figure out the easiest ways to find a doctor in Germany. We will also help you with all the information and details that you might need to get through one.

When you enter a new country, it can get intimidating for you with every little step that you take. Adapting to an altogether new country can become very challenging for most of us because of a number of reasons. When we talk about Germany particularly, the weather, the food, the people and more such things. In an alien situation like that, falling sick is the last thing that you might want.

The Health Sector in Germany is fairly functional and when we tell you this you must take our word for it. The only barrier because which you might come across a bit of a problem is the language and in this article, we will help you bridge that gap and others. All types of doctors are available in Germany. Surgeons operate from 8:00 to 17:00 shifts and doctors in hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers rotate in 24-hour shifts. 

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Things required to get to doctors in Germany:

There’s this catch with Germany that you cannot visit a doctor without actually having health insurance. Actually in Germany, it is illegal for them to not be insured. So, if you do not have registered health insurance, the practitioners can ask for payments straightaway.

This law is also applied to visitors or tourists of the country and non-German residents. However, residents of the EU/EEA and Switzerland who are visiting Germany or only come to the country for a short period of time, are allowed to use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to go see a doctor and access other medical services. The card can also be used in most emergency care or for minor medical problems. But, one must keep in mind that it can’t promise total coverage of all doctor visits and formalities when the patient or the owner of the card is not a German citizen.

Finding a doctor in Germany:

Usually, German citizens can pick their primary care doctors without worrying about their location. With that being said, some doctors prefer registering patients in and around their locality. If you are searching for a doctor (Hausarzt) or a pediatrician that is a child specialist (Kinderarzt), the best method is to ask around for suggestions from your neighbors and others. These doctors will be your first point of contact for most medical issues, so it is important to feel free and at home with them. Many German natives and citizens also look for medical practitioners and book appointments online by making use of the doctor rating website Jameda.

You can also access famous online health platforms such as Zava and Doctena which help in connecting patients with the best medical staff near your location. Java is one such site that is specifically for use in Germany and Doctena across Europe. Moreover, you can look for Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV) to find medical practitioners in certain specific areas (Bundesland). KBV is the leading organization for individual statutory health insurance associations in Germany.

Googling up medical practices close to and in your neighborhood can also bring to light some relevant results. On the other hand, directory listings can supply you with the contact details of local doctors. Otherwise, you can also get in touch with your insurance provider to have a list of medical practitioners in and around the area; but they can only provide you with details of those who accept their insurance.

Luckily, many doctors in Germany can speak very basic English which can be a big relief for you at any sort of tense moment. Preferably, you can check with fellow English-speaking neighbors or acquaintances for suggestions or look them up in online forums. The US consulate in Germany also provides listings of English-speaking doctors in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Bavaria. This list can really prove to be of great help. Similarly, the Irish embassy has also curated a national list. Along with these, you can also make use of Die Techniker’s online search tool to look for an English-speaking doctor near you or call up someone directly and ask if English is a possibility because it is important to properly communicate your symptoms when you are suffering from any form of disease or discomfort.

Well, if this gives you too much hope then let us also do the tough job of giving you a reality check that there is no guarantee of finding an English-speaking doctor in comparatively smaller towns or villages of Germany. So, if you don’t speak even a tad bit of German, you might want to change that or have a translator or a local friend come with you to the appointment. 

How to register with a doctor in Germany?

Germany has a really good arrangement under which the patient can choose their doctors, like general practitioners, pediatricians, and gynecologists. Basically, you don’t have to register with a certain surgeon and can visit many other doctors around the year. 

How to make an appointment with a doctor in Germany?

You can book your appointment with your preferred doctor on a call or in person. The helpline professionals cannot always speak English. However, in Germany, they do really ask about your condition over the phone. So, only preparing a few simple phrases will do just fine in this case. 

If you need an urgent appointment, some hospitals do provide the facility of walk-in appointments during opening hours (Sprechzeiten). You can simply just go there and do the needful. You must keep in mind that larger practices are not available Wednesday afternoons, weekends, and public holidays. 

That’s it right there! Now you have all the information with you. We hope that you get through all your medical ventures without any hassle. Hope that your stay in Germany goes well. 

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