Moving To Germany – Part 2

Welcome to Germany

We have covered the essential list you need to consider before moving to Germany. You can refer to our article, which will help you a lot to prepare before your arrival in Germany. Here in this article, we will talk about the most important tasks you need to take care of once you arrive in Germany. This list will help you to take care of a smooth start in your new life in Germany.

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11 Things To Do After Moving To Germany

There is a list of eleven things to do in the first two weeks after you arrive in Germany. It is an essential list, and you cannot ignore it. You simply follow the order of the below-mentioned list because many things build upon each other.

Mandatory Registration With Local German Authorities

The first and most important thing you need to do is register your address to a government office, and you will get an essential piece of paper. With the help of this document, you will be able to get most other German services, such as opening a bank account and getting a residence permit, etc.

The documents you require for the address registration are the Anmeldung form and your passport. Moreover, you also need a unique slip signed by your landlord as proof that you are actually staying at the address you want to register.

Once you complete the registration process, you will receive your tax ID by postal mail. You need to provide this tax ID to your employer. That’s how you can pay the correct taxes.

 Change Your Temporary Visa To A German Residence Permit

To complete this task, you must fix an appointment at the Ausländerbehörde. It is the office for foreigners. Although this authority has the German speaker staff, they exclusively work with foreigners. So you might need a help of a person who speaks German.

Usually, your residence permit is valid for two years. However, you need to renew it twice before you receive a permanent residence permit.

Sign Up For German Health Insurance

Germany has a comprehensive healthcare system. People who are moving to Germany with expat health insurance should change and sign up for long-term health insurance. You should do it as soon as possible you start your studies or job. You can follow our article on health insurance in Germany to understand the German healthcare system and know whether public or private health insurance is better for you.

Solve Banking Matters

If you have not opened your German bank account, you can do so after arrival. Always remember that if you are from a Non-EU country, you first must complete your address registration. After that, you can open a German bank account. You can refer to our article bank account comparison to get information about the best banks.

Enroll For Essential Insurances

Health insurance is mandatory. Apart from this, there are other optional insurances which you need to opt for after moving to Germany. You might have heard that German people have insurance for everything. These insurances are generally to help you while staying in Germany. Most of them are mandatory, and few are optional, depending on your preferences. You can refer to our article on insurance in Germany to get more information about additional German insurance.

Get Settled At Your New German Home

Once you finalize your apartment, you need to get settled at your new German house. Let’s talk about mandatory services.

  • Find a German Internet Provider: Once you shift to your new apartment, you should have the requirement of an internet contract. Generally, it could take one to four weeks to install your internet connection. In Germany, there are two big internet service providers, Vodafone and Telekom. However, you can easily find many other internet providers who provide services for a lower price.
  • Find an Electricity Provider: Most rental contracts do not include electricity. Here you need to register with an electricity supplier yourself. Every city has a local provider, and you need to do some research. You can find affordable or green energy providers online.
  • Get a German SIM Card: It is the most critical service for navigating your house more accessible and faster. You can find two different plans in Germany.

A mobile contract that typically ties you for twenty-four months. You have the option to pay for a new phone along with your monthly bill.

A prepaid SIM-only plan that provides a lot more flexibility. However, it has no option to pay for a brand new phone in installments.

You can refer to our article getting a SIM card to get more information about it.

Determine your Means of Transportation

Once you are acquainted with your surroundings, check out your commute to work. Now it’s time to decide your primary means of transportation, such as public transit, bicycle, or a car. Most German cities have designated cycling lanes that allow the bike. It is a great way to get around. You can purchase a used bike or get a new bike from bike stores in your city.

Local transportation in Germany is enormous within a city and across the country. You can find a vast network of subways, buses, and trains. Suppose you are planning to use public transport every day. In that case, you can get a monthly pass instead of paying for each ride individually.

Cars are also trendy in Germany. You can sign up for a car-sharing platform such as ShareNow or rent a car for weekends whenever necessary.

Get to Know your Neighbors & Neighborhood

Once you complete all the necessary paperwork, it’s time to embrace your new house and its culture. You can connect with your neighbors and turn them into your first friends.

You can also stroll around your neighborhood to discover its small shops and cafes. You can explore the closest supermarket, the nearest park and bar, your new favorite pizzeria, and whatever else you fancy.

Take an Integration or German Language Course

The German government offers an integration course to expats who do not speak adequate German. This course is a mix of language and culture. Depending on your nationality, work status, and level of German, you can take an integration course.

Get to Know the Germans

The Germans are like coconuts. They look strict and severe from the outside. Generally, it takes a long time, persistence, and hard work to break through the shell. However, once you reach the soft inside, you can find a friend for life. They prefer genuine and honest people.

Enjoy the Benefits of Life in Germany

Once you are free from all the necessary work, it’s time to start enjoying the benefits of life in Germany. This is your new house, and a healthy work-life balance comes with it. Let’s talk about a few perks you will enjoy while staying in Germany.

  • You will get a minimum of twenty paid vacation days a year. Most companies even offer thirty or more.
  • You will enjoy ten or more public holidays.
  • Suppose you are sick; you can stay at home and recover while still being paid.
  • Suppose your kids are sick, and you will get a different allowance of sick days to take care of your kids.
  • Parental leave is for parents to take care of their kids for up to three years.
  • You can drink alcohol in public. You can see a group of friends having a BBQ and a few drinks publicly at a park.
  • You can travel to other countries very easily. From Dusseldorf, it is a thirty-minute drive to the Netherlands and Belgium. It is two hours to Luxembourg, three hours to France, and a four-hour drive to Switzerland. You can enjoy your weekend trip. 

This article is about all the steps you need to take to settle into this great country. You will be free to enjoy one of the countries with a high-quality lifestyle. We hope this article will help you settle down in Germany quickly.

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