Registering Address In Germany

Registering Address In Germany

Once you move to Germany, your first two weeks will be super busy in the new country. You must be engaged in completing all of the mandatory paperwork. Suppose you are not sure what you need to do after moving to Germany then please refer to our article moving to Germany. Here we have mentioned the eleven essential things you need to do in the first two weeks after you arrive in Germany. Here in this article, we will discuss the most crucial task, registering the address in Germany. It is known as Anmeldung in Germany and is a significant step.

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What do you mean by Anmeldung in Germany?

The Anmeldung means registering your residential address at the local citizen’s office, Bürgeramt. In Germany, it is mandated for all residents to register within the first two weeks of their arrival. You are supposed to do this if you plan to stay longer than three months in Germany.

Why is Address Registration Important?

The Anmeldung is the key to settling correctly in Germany. Once you register your address, you can avail of other essential services such as opening a bank account, getting an internet connection and getting a SIM card. Anmeldung is also necessary to get the residence permit and your tax ID. Once you complete the address registration, you will get a registration confirmation that is important to set up the services mentioned above. After two weeks, you will receive your tax ID, and you can give it to your employer. That’s how the mandatory taxes will deduct from your salary. Suppose you didn’t provide the tax ID to your employer, then you will be taxed at 42%, which is the highest income tax rate.

How to Register your Address in Germany

Let’s talk about the address registration process in Germany. We have explained it in three easy steps.

  • Step 1: Fix an Appointment at Bürgeramt.

First, get an appointment at Bürgeramt in your city to complete the address registration. This can be done in person, via phone, and online. The easiest and most effective way of booking an appointment is online. If you don’t get an appointment online, you can go to their office for the address registration.

  • Step 2: Collect the Documents

Only one person needs to attend an appointment for the people who are staying with the spouse and the children. Below are the essential documents you need to carry with you at Bürgeramt.

      1. Your Passport.
      2. Confirmation Letter From Your Landlord.

Address registration is incomplete without the confirmation letter from your landlord. It should be signed by your landlord.

      1. The Completed Anmeldung Form.
      2. Your Temporary Visa (for non-EU citizens).
      3. Your Marriage Certificate (if applicable).
      4. All Original Documents Of Your Family Members (if relevant).
  • Step 3: Attend Your Bürgeramt  Appointment

Visit the Bürgeramt with all your documents on the day of the appointment. Make sure you be on time; otherwise, you can miss your work. You need to sit in the waiting area and wait for your turn. Once you sit in front of the officer, hand over all your documents to him. The process takes ten to fifteen minutes, and you will get the address registration confirmation document. There might be a possibility that the officer can ask you a few questions in German. They are not allowed to speak in English. To avoid any language barrier, you can take a German-speaking friend with you or else you can book a relocation consultant to assist you.

Is Anmeldung Possible With An Airbnb?

You cannot do so. The owner of an Airbnb will not allow you to register under their property’s address. In this case, the owner will not provide your confirmation letter for address registration until you book an Airbnb for longer than six months. To find an apartment with which you can register yourself, you can read our article housing in Germany.

What Happens When You Register Late?

German law can fine you up to 1000 euros if you are failed to register your address within two weeks of moving into your permanent apartment. However, few city offices are more tolerant if you can provide a proper reason for being late for address registration. Anyhow you are limiting yourself and your life in Germany. Because if you are being late for address registration, you won’t be able to get a bank account, an internet connection, and a German SIM card.

How To Live In Germany Without Address Registration?

Some people, after moving to Germany, sometimes start living in Germany without address registration. In the beginning, you can start with a temporary residence such as Airbnb and crash with friends. In that case, many expats face the problem when applying for bank accounts and other service providers. However, one bank in Germany provides you a free bank account without being registered. With the mobile bank N26, you can open your N26 bank account in less than ten minutes. You can face similar problems when you check for a mobile contract. The better solution is a prepaid mobile SIM card. You can get detailed information from our article on getting a SIM card.

Change Of Address In Germany

Whenever you move within Germany, even within the same neighborhood, you must re-register and inform the authorities of your new house address. The procedure is exactly the same as for address registration.

Leaving Germany – Do Not Forget De-Register Your Address

Whenever you are leaving Germany, you just can’t disappear. Instead, there is a process of de-register your address. You need to de-register your address within two weeks after you have moved away. The earliest you can de-register your address is in your last week of living in Germany. You will again need a letter from your landlord confirming that you are moving out.

Why Do You Need To Do Address De-Register?

Address de-register is essential in Germany, so you won’t keep paying for health insurance. Showing the address de-register document will help you get out of long-term contracts at the gym and with your internet provider.

In a Nutshell

Germany has different laws about staying in Germany. Getting an organized life and important things to take place on time is essential. Address registration is a critical task once you move to Germany within the first two weeks. This article will teach you the complete process and other important factors related to address registration. This guide will help you to ease your life, and address registration will be straightforward for you

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